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Our Mission

To reflect God’s character through building meaningful relationships while serving customers’ needs and exceeding expectations.

Core Values

  • Servanthood
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Improvement

Our Company Story

Established in 2012 by brothers Tyler and Ryan Manly, Grow Pros Lawn Care is a culmination of expertise and passion for transforming lawns and landscapes. Tyler, a former golf course superintendent with a degree in turfgrass management from Michigan State, brings a wealth of knowledge to the business. Recognizing the untapped potential for exceptional service in the industry, the Manly brothers founded Grow Pros with a singular focus – serving people well. With a commitment to quality and a dedication to improving the standard of care, Grow Pros Lawn Care has been flourishing since its inception, ensuring that every lawn and landscape receives the attention it deserves.

Meet the Team

Tyler Manly

Meet Tyler Manly, the President of Grow Pros Lawn Care and a proud Air Force veteran. With a degree in turfgrass management and an additional degree in business from Eastern Michigan University, Tyler brings a unique blend of expertise to our leadership team.

Hailing from Elkhart, Tyler is deeply rooted in the community and is passionate about creating trust in our company. As an Air Force veteran, Tyler is committed to serving not only our customers but also contributing to a culture of excellence within Grow Pros.

Tyler is a staunch advocate for the concept of teamwork, viewing every member as an integral part of a collective effort to serve both each other and our valued customers. Beyond the boardroom, Tyler finds joy in reading and cherishes quality moments spent with his family. A self-proclaimed hopeless Cubs fan, his dedication to both his favorite team and the success of Grow Pros Lawn Care reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence and community engagement. As the President, Tyler Manly leads the way in fostering a culture of trust, teamwork, and exceptional customer service at Grow Pros.

Ryan Davis

Meet Ryan Davis, our Sales Manager at Grow Pros Lawn Care. Armed with a degree in landscape architecture from Ball State, Ryan brings over 20 years of invaluable experience to our team. His expertise lies in translating customer dreams into breathtaking landscapes, making him an indispensable asset.

Beyond his professional prowess, Ryan is a devoted Cubs fan, bringing an element of team spirit to our workplace. As a cheer dad to two daughters, he adds a touch of family charm to the team. Outside of work, Ryan, along with his family, finds joy in camping adventures.

Ryan Davis is not just a Sales Manager; he's a landscape architect of dreams and a dedicated family man, making him an integral part of the Grow Pros Lawn Care family. With his guidance, our customers embark on journeys to create the outdoor haven they've always envisioned.

Ryan Manly

Meet Ryan Manly, a dynamic force at Grow Pros Lawn Care and one of our valued part owners and sales professionals. With over a decade of sales experience, Ryan is not just a seller – he's a great listener and problem solver, specializing in understanding and addressing customer needs.

Ryan primarily focuses on selling lawn programs, but his versatility extends to some landscape jobs and maintenance packages. His commitment to customer satisfaction is at the core of his approach, making him an integral part of our sales team.

Outside of work, Ryan's heart is in supporting his son in travel hockey and baseball, showcasing his dedication to family and community. He finds joy in spending quality time with his loved ones and embraces the opportunity to travel whenever possible.

Ryan Manly is more than a sales professional; he's a problem-solving partner for our customers and a family-oriented individual who adds depth to the Grow Pros Lawn Care team. With his expertise, our customers not only get top-notch service but a personalized approach to their lawn and landscape needs.

Kim Luckett

Meet Kim Luckett, our esteemed Office Administrator at Grow Pros Lawn Care. With a degree in wildlife management from Purdue, Kim has been an integral part of our team for nine years. Starting as a skilled fertilizer technician, she has transitioned seamlessly into her current role.

Kim's impact extends beyond our team, as many customers have shared their positive experiences working with her. Known for her consistently helpful and friendly demeanor, Kim has become a trusted and admired member of Grow Pros. Her dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction, making her an invaluable asset to our company. With Kim at the forefront of our customer relations, Grow Pros Lawn Care continues to thrive in delivering top-notch service.

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