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Lawn Disease Control in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, IN & Nearby Cities

Our disease treatments will take care of common lawn diseases in our area such as dollar spot, red thread, and others.

A healthy lawn can typically tolerate different diseases. However, some diseases can be more stubborn than others and can cause significant damage to your lawn if left untreated. That is why we're here to help! Our team can treat your turf for common diseases such as dollar spot, red thread, lawn rust, leaf spot, snow mold, and others through our lawn disease control service. These diseases can be confusing to differentiate from one another, but our experts can help you pinpoint what exactly is harming your turf and apply treatment to eradicate the problem.

Once our team treats your grass and nurses it back to health, you can rely on our dedicated experts to help you come up with a plan to prevent the same lawn disease as well as many others from harming your grass in the future. With the right fertilizer, a strict watering schedule, and a good mowing regimen, your lawn will have the strength it needs to fend off common diseases. We provide our services to the Elkhart, Indiana area, including Granger and South Bend.

Our disease treatments will treat common lawn diseases like dollar spot, red thread, and others.

Infected lawn with dollar spot disease in a customer's lawn in Granger, IN.

It can be challenging to identify what disease is exactly affecting your turf. If you mistakenly confuse one disease for another and apply treatments yourself, you might cause your lawn more harm than good. Our crew at Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC has you covered! We'll first help you identify the lawn disease before we apply our disease treatments for these common diseases:

  • Dollar spot: The tell-tale sign for this lawn disease includes grass blades that look like they are water-soaked with yellow spots that are the same size as a dollar coin.
  • Red thread: Red thread looks like irregularly shaped patches of grass blades that look bleached and dead.
  • Red thread
  • Lawn rust: As the name implies, lawn rust appears as orange, red, or yellow spores in your lawn.
  • Lawn rust
  • Leaf spot: If your grass blades start to turn brown or black, it could mean that your lawn has leaf spot disease. While black grass blades point pretty clearly to leaf spot, brown glass blades could mean several different issues, so it is important that our experts take a look at your lawn before applying any treatment.

A good lawn care and maintenance schedule will help prevent lawn diseases.

A fertilized lawn with freshly mowed patterns for a healthy lawn schedule in Elkhart, IN.

While we offer outstanding disease treatments for lawn diseases, it's still best if your lawn isn't under distress in the first place. The best way to prevent lawn diseases is to keep your lawn healthy by signing up for regular lawn care and maintenance services. We recommend signing up for our fertilizer treatments to give your lawn the nourishment it needs to fight off diseases. Your lawn will benefit from fertilizer rich in nitrogen as this nutrient encourages your turf's healthy development and promotes its lush color.

A good mowing regimen also helps. The general rule of thumb is to cut only a third of the height and to regularly change the mowing direction each time so you don't risk scalping your lawn. Additionally, your mower blades should be sharp to avoid causing more harm to the grass blades.

Our fertilization program also includes weed control treatments to keep your lawn weed-free throughout the year!

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At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we want your lawn to be at its healthiest throughout the year. Our team will help you achieve that by fending off common lawn diseases like dollar spot, red thread, leaf spot, and others. We offer top-notch curative treatments that will keep your grass at its best. We have been serving homes and businesses since 2012, which means we have the experience and skills to do the job right. Our team gladly serves commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, IN and nearby communities. Call our professionals today at (574) 326-3526 to schedule our lawn disease control service!

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