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Our years of experience in lawn and landscaping make us one of the top companies in Nappanee, IN!

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We always keep the city of Nappanee, IN looking its best with our professional lawn and landscaping services!

Nappanee is a flourishing city filled with people who strive to make it the best place to live in Northern Indiana!

The city of Nappanee, IN is known for its, "strong heritage of hard work, service above self, and future vision." These ideals have shaped the growth of Nappanee and tell the story of this city in Elkhart County. One of the cities signature events, the Nappanee Apple Festival, attracts nearly 80,000 people annually, making it one of the largest festivals in the State of Indiana!

In such a bustling town, lawn and landscape maintenance is even more of a necessity! We've been happily serving residential and commercial properties in the Nappanee area since 2012. Our commitment to building strong relationships with our clients shines through in how hard we work to make your outdoor living space the best it's ever been!

We'll keep your property in top-shape with our comprehensive list of lawn care and Landscaping Services.

Our full-service lawn and landscape company is ideal for property owners who don't have the time to care for their outdoor property. It's easy to fall behind on yard work when you have more important things to focus on during the week. However, you don't want the health and appearance of your lawn to suffer because of it.

We offer everything from insect and pest control to seasonal yard cleanups to ensure your lawn's always protected during the year. This is also accomplished with our other lawn care services like core aeration, overseeding, and fertilization.

All of these services together make your lawn more resilient to disease and helps give the grass its bright green color. Without these year-round treatments, you may find yourself spending even more time trying to replace a lawn that's brown and dying from improper maintenance.

Our top-rated landscape services include trimming and pruning, landscape bed renovations, and more to help keep your outdoor area neat and healthy!

A beautiful landscape requires a ton of effort and professional maintenance. Nothing ruins curb appeal more than overgrown plants and flower beds filled with weeds.

Our team is fully trained to handle any kind of landscape work your property needs to look clean and well-manicured! We'll regularly trim and prune your trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants so all dead, broken, or diseased foliage is removed.

Is your landscape lacking in seasonal color? We perform full flower bed renovations and will refresh these areas with annual flowers and native plants. We'll also replenish the garden beds with new mulch to help smother weeds and retain moisture so the soil is properly insulated.

We have expert hardscape designers and installers that will create gorgeous natural elements to decorate your landscape!

If you want to enhance your outdoor living space, adding a new hardscape is definitely the way to go! Our team has designed and installed a countless number of patios, fire pits and fireplaces, retaining walls, and more for both residential and commercial properties. Everything is constructed with high-quality materials so your hardscapes last for years and compliment the rest of your landscape design!

Make sure your commercial or HOA property is covered from spring to winter with our year-round lawn and landscape services.

Struggling to find a reliable lawn and landscape company for your commercial property or HOA community? Our team's got you covered! In addition to our normal services, we also perform snow removal and deicing services for the whole winter season! We also offer an HOA grounds maintenance program that can be modified to fit the needs of your HOA property.

If your property in Nappanee is lacking in curb appeal, we're the guys to call!

All of our lawn and landscape services are completed by trained professionals. As a local and family-owned company, nothing is more valuable to us than top-notch customer service. We'll go above and beyond providing you with an outdoor area that's as unique as it is beautiful.

Call us today at (574) 326-3526 if you need your residential or commercial property in Nappanee, IN serviced by one of the top-rated lawn and landscape companies in the area!

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