Bentgrass is a common cool-season grass that is found in Indiana. It is a fine-textured grass that is low-growing and can be identified by its flat and narrow leaves that are rolled in a bud. While this type of grass can look great on golf courses because golf courses typically keep grass much shorter than lawns, it can cause problems for property owners because it can crowd out desirable grass if it invades lawns. If you notice bentgrass on your property, you should hire professionals to eliminate it for you. They will be able to effectively eliminate it from your property without harming your other grass or plants. Continue reading to learn more about bentgrass and why it should be on a golf course but not on your lawn!

What is bentgrass, what does it look like, and how does it spread?

Bentgrass is a type of perennial cool-season grass that grows close to the ground and has narrow blades. It thrives in hot and humid conditions and is commonly used on golf courses because it tolerates heavy traffic and stays green even when exposed to sunlight for long periods.

Bentgrass forms dense mats and has creeping stems called stolons that branch out horizontally near the surface of the soil. These stolons help spread bentgrass by sending out new roots at their tips. The rhizomes are another way bentgrass spreads. They grow vertically underground and produce new shoots and roots.

Bentgrass seeds take about 7-15 days to germinate.

Why does bentgrass look good on a golf course but not on a lawn?

Bentgrass has characteristics that make it perfect for golf courses. Golf courses often have strict regulations regarding the appearance of their turf, so bentgrass is an excellent choice because it keeps its neat and uniform appearance even when it’s exposed to heavy foot traffic. Bentgrass also tolerates low mowing heights well, which makes it ideal for golf courses where it’s maintained at 1/2 to 1 inch tall. Because of these traits, bentgrass looks great on a golf course, so it may seem like a nice addition to your lawn as well, but it doesn’t work out that way.

Bentgrass tends to form large patches on lawns and it can spread rather quickly. If this type of grass invades your lawn, it can spell bad news for your desirable grass. That's because it can quickly crowd it out, and it can grow stronger while your grass gets weaker.

Hire Professionals to Get Rid of Bentgrass From Your Lawn

If you notice bentgrass invading your lawn, then you should call in lawn care professionals to get rid of it. Hiring pros to deal with bentgrass is beneficial because they have access to specialized treatments that are effective against this invasive grass. Pros will ensure the safety of your other grasses and plants while eliminating bentgrass so that it doesn't continue to damage your lawn.

When looking for a company to eliminate bentgrass from your lawn, check to see if they offer specialized treatments that specifically target bentgrass. While some companies may claim that their weed control treatments are effective against bentgrass, you want to be sure they will be able to handle the job. Not only will they need to have specialized bentgrass treatments, but they will need to reapply them often as this invasive weed is difficult to control.

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