If you own a residential or commercial property in Indiana, you might be wondering about the ideal frequency of lawn fertilization during summer. Applying one treatment at the start of summer will provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it will need to make it through this hot, stressful season. Another treatment at the end of summer will replenish your lawn's nutrient supply and help prepare it for the seasons ahead by boosting root development and resilience. However, it's crucial to combine fertilization with weed control. Weeds can hinder your lawn's progress, so it's important to address them before fertilizing to prevent inadvertently nourishing weed growth. Working with a lawn care professional can help you strike a balance between fertilization and weed control to maintain a healthy and weed-free lawn all summer long.

Apply one fertilizer treatment at the beginning of summer.

At the beginning of summer, it is essential to provide your residential or commercial lawn with a fertilizer treatment. That's because cool-season grass, which we have in our area, struggles during the summer season due to the heat, so you'll want to fortify your turf with the essential nutrients that it will need to survive the heat.

By nourishing your grass with a fertilizer treatment at the beginning of summer, you are equipping it with the nutrients it needs to thrive in the face of high temperatures and potential drought conditions. This application will help maintain the health and vitality of your lawn throughout the summer season.

Slow-release fertilizers are great options because they provide nutrients over an extended period of time!

Apply a second fertilizer treatment at the end of summer.

As the summer season draws to a close, it will be time to apply another round of fertilizer to your lawn. This end-of-summer treatment serves multiple purposes: replenishing the nutrients that may have been depleted during the summer months and preparing the grass for the upcoming cooler weather.

During summer, your lawn experiences increased stress due to heat, foot traffic, and regular mowing. These factors can lead to nutrient loss, affecting the grass's overall health and vigor. Applying fertilizer at the end of summer helps replenish those nutrients, ensuring that your lawn remains vibrant and resilient. Additionally, the end-of-summer fertilizer treatment prepares the grass for the transition to cooler temperatures. By applying a fertilization treatment to your lawn at the end of summer, your turf will have everything it needs to thrive during the fall.

You should also be applying weed control treatments during the summer.

Alongside fertilization, it is crucial to address weed control during the summer months. Weeds compete with your grass for essential nutrients, water, and sunlight, hindering its growth and overall health. Therefore, it is recommended to address weed infestations in conjunction with fertilizer applications.

Combining weed control treatments with fertilization treatments maximizes the effectiveness of both practices. While fertilizer nourishes the grass and promotes healthy growth, weed control eliminates unwanted plants and prevents them from outcompeting your desired turf. This integrated approach helps create an environment where your grass can flourish and fully utilize the applied nutrients, resulting in a lush, weed-free lawn.

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