Sod webworms are a relatively common issue for property owners in Indiana, but their damage can be significant. These pests are moth larvae that feed on grass blades, leaving behind ragged patches and brown spots on your lawn. If you suspect a sod webworm infestation, it's crucial to contact a professional promptly for treatment. Even after eradication, your lawn may require lawn care services to regain its health. Don't delay; take action to protect your lawn and ensure its full recovery with the help of experts who can address the issue effectively.

What are sod webworms and what kind of damage can they cause?

Sod webworms are destructive pests that can wreak havoc on lawns, causing significant damage to residential and commercial properties. These pests are the larvae of certain species of moths. The larvae are small caterpillars that create silken tunnels or "webs" just above the soil surface, hence the name "sod webworms."

Sod webworms feed primarily on grass blades, chewing through them and leaving behind notches or bare patches in the lawn. The damage caused by sod webworms can quickly become apparent as the affected areas turn brown and thin out.

If left untreated, sod webworms can cause extensive damage to your lawn. They can rapidly defoliate grass, leaving behind unsightly patches and compromising the overall health and aesthetic appeal of your turf. Additionally, the weakened grass becomes more susceptible to other stressors, such as disease and weed infestation.

Sod webworms are most active during the warmer months, particularly in July and August.

If you spot sod webworms in your lawn, you should schedule professional treatments ASAP.

If you have noticed sod webworms in your lawn, it is crucial to take immediate action and schedule professional treatments. Lawn care professionals have the expertise and resources to effectively manage sod webworm infestations and protect the health of your lawn.

When you contact a professional, they will conduct a thorough inspection of your lawn to confirm the presence of sod webworms. Based on their assessment, they will develop a targeted treatment plan tailored to your specific situation. The treatment typically involves the application of insecticides specifically designed to target sod webworms while leaving beneficial organisms in your lawn and soil unharmed.

Professional treatments provide comprehensive coverage of the affected areas, ensuring that the pests are effectively eliminated. By entrusting the task to professionals, you can have confidence that the sod webworm infestation will be properly addressed and further damage to your lawn will be prevented.

Once the sod webworms are gone, scheduling lawn care services can help your lawn recover.

After the sod webworm infestation has been dealt with, it is essential to help your lawn recover from any damage sustained and fortify it against future infestations. Scheduling lawn care services can play a vital role in restoring your lawn's health and resilience.

Fertilization is a crucial service that provides the necessary nutrients to support the recovery and growth of your grass. By applying a balanced fertilizer to your lawn, it will receive essential nutrients that promote healthy foliage and root development. Aeration is another beneficial practice that can aid in the recovery process as it alleviates soil compaction and promotes root growth, allowing the grass to recover more quickly. Lastly, overseeding can restore the density and uniformity of your lawn by introducing new grass seeds that fill in the bare patches left by sod webworm damage.

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