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Drainage & Grading for Properties in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, IN & Surrounding Areas

We can correct the poor drainage in your yard with our drainage and grading solutions.

Poor drainage can wreak all sorts of havoc on your lawn and result in a muddy, swampy mess if the drainage problem gets too severe. By grading your property, installing one of our drainage solutions, or both, we can correct the water flow issues in your yard and help you avoid further lawn damage.

Each solution is designed to direct water away from your home and property. Our drainage solutions include French drains, dry creek beds, catch basins, and more. If your yard needs leveling for these issues to be fixed, we offer a grading service to bring it to the proper level. We'll even apply topsoil when we're finished grading your property to give you a healthy foundation for when you re-grow your grass. Our services are available in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, and in nearby areas in Indiana.

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We offer drainage solutions like French drains, dry creek beds, and catch basins to correct water flow on your property.

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We offer multiple solutions to correct poor drainage on your property. A few viable options are French drains, dry creek beds, and catch basins. Each of these will cause water to flow away from your home, as it should, in order to reduce the occurrence of pooling water so your yard doesn't turn into a swampy swimming pool. Here is how each of these drainage systems functions:

French Drains

French drains are designed to channel water away from your home. The way we install one is by digging a long trench that slopes downward and away from your home. Our team will install a pipe in the trench which will catch water and lead it away from your property.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is a natural drainage solution that will direct water flow away from your property. To install one, we'll dig a trench that slopes downward away from your home and fill it with decorative rocks, stones, and boulders. Dry creek beds help slow the process of soil erosion as well.

Catch Basins

We can install a catch basin at the end of your property by the road to catch water as it flows down your property. Your catch basin will have grates covering its opening to keep large debris like twigs from falling into the basin.


Burying or redirecting downspouts offers several benefits for homeowners. Firstly, it helps in directing rainwater away from the foundation, preventing potential water damage and basement flooding. By channeling the water underground, you also reduce soil erosion and protect landscaping. Burying downspouts can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property by eliminating visible extensions, creating a cleaner and more organized look. Additionally, it minimizes tripping hazards and reduces the risk of downspout damage from external factors. Overall, burying downspouts is a practical and visually pleasing solution for effective water management around your home.

If you're not sure which drainage system is best for you, our team can assess your property and help you select one to fit your needs.

Our Grading Process

Heavy machinery prepping the ground for grading near Granger, IN.

The likelihood that the drainage issues on your property stem from improper grading are high. That's why we offer grading solutions to help. Before we begin the grading process, some prep work will need to be done. Our experts will begin by evaluating your property to locate the high and low points of your yard. This gives us a better idea of its level. Once we figure out these points, we can determine the areas of your yard that are too low and that need to be brought higher, as well as the areas that are high and need to be lowered.

Every property is uniquely built, so your grading project will be tailored to meet the needs of your land. Depending on your needs, our team will excavate or smooth out the surface of your yard to make it level. We will also add a layer of topsoil to help provide an even, healthy foundation for when you re-grow your grass.

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At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we understand how poor drainage can affect a lawn. That's why we offer thorough drainage and grading solutions to help water flow away from your property as it should. Our services are available in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, and nearby areas in Indiana. Call us today at (574) 326-3526 to schedule our services.

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