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Landscape Bed Cleanup Serving Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, Mishawaka, & Goshen, IN Areas

Improve the appearance of your landscape beds with our landscape bed cleanup service.

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Landscape Bed Cleanup Service in & Around Elkhart, Granger, & South Bend, IN

We will tame overgrown plants, remove debris, and more to enhance your landscape bed's appearance!

Neatly trimmed landscape bushes and shrubs and fresh mulch in a landscape bed near Elkhart, Indiana.

Does your landscape bed need a little TLC? Are your plants overgrown and out of control? If the answer is yes, we're here to help with that! During our landscape bed cleanup service, we will remove debris, trim any overgrown plants, freshen up your mulch, and more! The best part about this service is that you can customize it to meet the needs of your landscape beds. No matter the condition of your landscape bed, our team is ready to handle it. You can even take this service to the next level by adding new life and color with our plant installation service!

Our landscape bed cleanup service is available to properties in Elkhart, IN and surrounding areas, including Granger and South Bend.

Our landscape bed cleanup service includes debris removal, plant trimming, and more.

Overgrown and messy landscape beds can attract several unwanted visitors, including insects and weeds. That is why it is so important to regularly take care of and tidy up your landscape beds! By signing up for our landscape bed cleanup service, you can count on our team to:

  • Remove leaves and debris so that it's clean and tidy.
  • Trim existing plants and shrubs to maintain their size.
  • Add mulch or rake any existing mulch to enhance your bed's appearance.
  • Tame perennials and split them if they're out of control. Splitting can provide more space for them to grow and absorb nutrients.

You Can Customize Our Landscape Bed Cleanup Service to Meet Your Needs

One of the best features of our landscape bed cleanup service is that it can be customized to meet your specific needs. This ensures that your landscape bed is getting the most from our cleanup service. We often tackle neglected landscape beds that need dead vegetation to be removed and overgrown shrubs to be tamed. No matter the condition of your landscape bed, our professionals will fix it.

Bring new life and color to your landscape bed by installing new plants!

Multi-colored petunia flowers in bloom at a home near Bristol, IN.

Freshly cleaned landscape beds are a great environment for new, colorful plants! We can install plants that are native to Indiana and that will thrive in our climate. These new plants can be great additions to your landscape beds because, not only are they breathtakingly beautiful, but they don't require much maintenance because of how well they thrive in our area! With extensive knowledge of the native plants in our area, our experts can help you choose the best plants for your landscape beds based on the soil conditions and sun exposure levels.

Flowers that we like to plant include marigolds, pansies, snapdragons, petunias, and more!

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Gone are the days of neglected landscape beds full of debris like leaves and twigs, dead plants, and untamed trees and shrubs! With over a decade in the industry, our cleanup service will be sure to help your plants flourish and breathe newfound life into your landscape bed. We always add a personal touch to the services we provide and will work with you to bring your property to its full potential.

We proudly service commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, and other surrounding areas in Indiana. You can reach us at (574) 326-3526 to sign up for our landscape bed cleanup service!

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