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Our six-step lawn care program ensures your grass obtains everything needed to stay healthy all year long.

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Lawn care services for residences and businesses in Elkhart, IN and nearby towns.

Give your lawn the nutrients and treatments it requires to stay green and lush during the growing season.

In spring and summer, we all want the green, lush lawns that we can relax on and enjoy the weather. To get that kind of grass, however, requires certain nutrients and treatments applied throughout the growing season and the rest of the year.

We provide a six-step lawn care program, along with other services, to help your residential or business lawn look great and healthy in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, and other nearby areas of Indiana.


Our Six-Step Lawn Care Program Includes Fertilization, Weed Control, & More

Healthy lawn with fresh mowing and fertilizer lines in Elkhart, IN.

Pro Green Premium Lawn Program

Starting in early spring and going through late fall, our six-step lawn care program is carefully administered so that your grass can reach optimal health. Our program is as follows:

  • Step 1 (Spring Awakening): In the early days of spring, we lay down a protective shield against pesky crabgrass, ensuring your lawn stays lush and vibrant. We also fortify the soil, gearing it up for a season of healthy growth.
  • Step 2 (Blooming Beauty in Late Spring): As late spring approaches, we reinforce the defense against crabgrass and bid farewell to weeds with a powerful blanket weed control. A slow-release liquid fertilizer, coupled with a dose of humic acid, acts as a supercharger for your lawn, giving it the nutrients it craves.
  • Step 3 (Sizzling Summer Care): Early summer brings a preemptive strike against grubs, safeguarding your lawn from potential fall damage. Another round of slow-release liquid fertilizer nourishes your turf, while specialized microbes enhance nutrient absorption. We're also on the lookout for any weed intruders.
  • Step 4 (Late Summer Revitalization): In the late summer heat, we treat your lawn to another round of slow-release liquid fertilizer and a boost of humic acid, ensuring your soil is a nutrient powerhouse. We'll also address any stray weeds attempting to make a comeback.
  • Step 5 (Fall Love for Your Lawn): As the leaves start to fall, we apply a final round of slow-release liquid fertilizer. Fall is the optimal time to bid farewell to stubborn weeds. It's the season to nurture your lawn for lasting health and resilience.
  • Step 6 (Roots Ready for Winter): In the late fall, our focus shifts to root growth. We apply a specialized granular fertilizer, giving your lawn's roots the boost, they need to thrive for next spring!

Experience a year-round journey of care and nourishment for your lawn with our comprehensive fertilizer program!

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Common Weeds Found in Northern Indiana

In our area of northern Indiana, there are several types of weeds that may plague your grass. We can treat them all, but some are harder to get rid of than others. For example, we can work to eliminate nutsedge, but because it requires more effort, it is an additional charge. Other weeds our treatments help get rid of include:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Clover
  • Chickweed
  • Prostate Knotweed
  • Shepherd's purse
  • Wild violet
  • Ground ivy

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We also provide treatments for nimblewill and bentgrass, which require very specific methods to kill them and keep them off your lawn.

We Can Also Treat for Lawn Diseases & Insect Infestations

Generally, when signs of lawn disease spring up, we can treat for that disease by simply changing the lawn's environment, which could be treating it with nitrogen, changing up the watering schedules, or adjusting mowing habits. If those don't work, we can apply a fungicide treatment. Commonly, we see diseases such as dollar spot and red thread in this area.

White grubs are a large issue in our area of Indiana, which is why we offer a preventative grub control treatment to keep them under check. If you do spot signs of grub infestation, we can apply a post-emergent treatment in August or September. We can also treat other lawn insects on a case-by-case basis for an additional charge.

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Lawn Restoration Services Can Bring Your Lawn Back to a Healthy, Happy State

Green lawn in South Bend, IN after overseeding and weed control.

One service we recommend to be done yearly is core aeration. This process opens up tiny holes in your lawn, giving it room to breathe and releasing any compacted soil. Generally, this is done in the fall but we can also do spring aeration. We can also provide overseeding that fosters thicker grass growth and typically try to do this at the same time as aeration. The type of grass seed used is specific to the conditions of the lawn and we also apply a starter fertilizer after seeding.

When you need a new lawn to grow within weeks, hydroseeding is a great option. During this service, we spray a slurry mixture of mulch, grass seed, liquid fertilizer, and starter fertilizer after we kill off the existing lawn and grade the remaining soil. Hydroseeding is a good choice for complete lawn restoration or for new construction areas.

Other options for lawn restoration in northern Indiana include slit seeding and sod installation. With both of these options, we kill off the existing lawn and remove it before either seeding or installing new sod. Seeding takes longer to establish itself than sod does, but you end up with an overall healthier lawn with seeding services.

For all new lawns, we can provide follow-up liquid fertilizer treatments so they get much-needed nutrients during their growth stage.

Landscape & Shrub Care Includes Fertilization & Disease Treatment

Along with lawn fertilizer, we can also provide shrub care treatments. We fertilize shrubs with a foliar liquid application that is sprayed onto shrubs and plants. At the same time, we can also offer plant disease and insect control treatments. Common plant diseases we treat for are rust and boxwood blight, along with others. Insects that can attack landscape plants include bagworms, spider mites, silkworms, and scale.

For landscape beds, we can also apply weed control treatments. A pre-emergent weed control treatment is applied before perennials start growing. This treatment can prevent 90% of germinating weeds.

If you're in Elkhart, Granger, or nearby northern Indiana areas, contact us today for lawn and shrub care!

At Grow Pros Lawn Care, LLC, we have years of experience and training to back up our lawn care treatments. Our owner has a degree in turfgrass management from Michigan State University and has extensive knowledge of what lawns in the area need to thrive. If you need lawn or shrub care for your home or business in Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, or nearby northern Indiana areas, contact us today at (574) 326-3526 or fill out our online contact form!

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